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About Us

Si Inc is based on LA area and established in 2003. Since then, the company has quickly emerged into the mainstream gaining never-ending recognition from local business areas such as Q Fashion, Hottie World, and many other clothing stores and beauty supplies.

With high quality of products, mostly designed and made from Korea, Si Inc. has created a collection that is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to hot fashion trends. As the fashion cycle repeats itself, we manage all products from the date Si Inc. was established.

Si Inc. dba SiA Fashion Accessories defines Fashion as: “An ever changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs and repeating cycle of itself throughout decades.”

Created with Top quality and detailed craftsmanship, Si Inc. are not shy to be on displays. With aggressive and fashion forward designs, Si Inc. aspires to take the world of accessories to a whole new level.

You can find Si Inc. collection in thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the United States western division. With our loyal customers pledging overwhelming support, Si Inc. is on a venture to take on the new era of accessories.

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